I have always been the guy to go out and buy the expensive or unusual pen from the local store! A few years ago I had a lot of extra time on my hands and decided to start making my own pens. So, I bought a few tools and started making pens. Many failures and a few successes later, I am having a lot of fun making these pens and people seem to like them.

A portion of the proceeds every year go to the Wounded Warrior project. When the Military themed or Bullet pens are sold, I sent 10% to assist these true American Heroes. As a United States Marine Corps Veteran (1989-1993) I am very passionate about the Military, their families, and everyone's sacrifices that are associated with the Military lifestyle. No joy that I have experienced recently comes close to giving a pen to a Vet and saying thank you to them.

Semper Fi,

Dave Crichlow